All Dogs Go To Outer Space

We look up into the night sky and see the dead.

The stars in the sky may be long gone by the time their light reaches us. So if the star is gone, but we see its light, what are we looking at? The past? Or has the star traveled to the future?

My dog, Dixie, explained immortality to me on a walk one night.

Darren: You see those stars, Dixie?

Dixie: Yes that’s where I’m from.

Darren: You were born in a kennel in Georgia.

Dixie: Before I was born, I came from outer space. All dogs are from outer space!

Darren: Huh?

Dixie: That light from long dead stars is alive to us. Everything in the universe is giving off information. It’s all here forever. So obviously, I’ll see you in outer space again one day!