Remember when you found out there was no Santa, tooth fairy, or Easter Bunny? Oh, and remember when you found out that there was no safe place for your money? I remember the fantasy that if I had $100, the best thing I could do was split it up, so that some of it was […]
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THE SHAPE OF STORIES: Is Your Mind Torturing You?

Wisdom for storytelling beyond the hero’s journey   The hero’s journey is the cornerstone of Western storytelling: a person’s quest from bad fortune to happy ending. Everyone wants to get someplace better. Everybody needs relief from misery. This quest is the basic shape of a story: To move from bad-fortune to good-fortune, you have got […]
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Can This Book Cover Raise Your IQ?

Training the mind is not taught in school. Those attempting to govern stressful thoughts fall prey to distractions. Focus is so difficult that a product’s power to distract is related to how much money we pay for it (movies, quarterbacks, drugs). Personal power comes through mastery of thought. The samurai must master their emotions to […]
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