Super Immunity

How to achieve super immunity.  

A discussion by Dr. Robert Gibson

The greatest obstruction to getting well is a diagnosis.  

And the second greatest obstruction to getting well and feeling fine is an unhappy domestic situation or unhappy work situation.  

The subject today is supposed to be about health.  Super Immunity.

One fundamental about health that very few people seem to hear of is adaptation.  That’s an excellent sign of life and one that always works.  When we cease to adapt we are no longer living.  Period.  Adaptation is what goes on whenever we are stressed.

Now here the things that we live in: ENVIRONMENT, INNER FEELING, ACTIVITY, NUTRITION

Our body constantly adapts to the state of those four.  If all four are anywhere near what we call optimum, we don’t get sick.  But if we strangle some of those out there, we’re going to get ill.  Period. 

Now what’s called illness is only adapting to a strained state of being.  So if the Environment is rather terrible, and I think I my environment I basically make myself – I live in that which I radiate — so if keep these three going along really good (INNER FEELING, ACTIVITY, NUTRITION) then my environment is pretty nice.  Now there are other things that make up the environment:  there’s weather — I don’t like to be cold.  So I try to live where it’s reasonably warm.

Now my INNER FEELING is up to me, or I can turn it over to everyone under that sun.  I can let all these other people determine my inner feeling. I choose not to.  I got some very early training in it.  I interned in a mental hospital, and I learned that those people were not going to behave reasonable, so I expected them to be as unreasonable and anything could be.  You  get some guy out of bed and try to put some food in front of him and he reaches over and plops in on the floor.  Well now there’s two things you could do about it.  1.  You can say this SOB should be reasonable, and this is unreasonable and get all upset about it, or 2. You can laugh at it. So when I’m around unreasonable people I laugh a lot. I don’t know anything else to do so why not.  

We have stated in the past that the world is populated by infants, many of which have grown bodies and some sort of technical education.  I’ve also stated that he world is populated with instinctive domesticated creatures.  And I expect them to behave accordingly.  

We can also be in an environment where there is a certain amount of microorganisms and they do start growing on us once in a while, especially if I got these (INNER FEELING, NUTRITION and ACTIVITY) way down.  

Now when all of these are way UP, I don’t get sick.  We pick up microorganisms and our immune system handles them pretty well.    

But if my INNER FEELING is in a constant turmoil, my ACTIVITY is excessive or less than excessive, or the NUTRITION is based on things that don’t go: if you feed an animal something that doesn’t fits its natural state it’s going to get sick.  

I one time was called by a man to see his family.  He had a wife and two children.  He said they were very sick.  I went and I looked at them and they looked like they were in a state of mal-nutrition.  So I take off to the kitchen and all there was in the kitchen was white corn syrup and two loaves of Wonder Bread.  I asked the man, “What have these people been eating?” and he said, “I bring that in to them every week, and plenty of it.”  Incidentally, he ate out at restaurants.  

Well I said the first thing we do is go to the grocery store.  I didn’t try to anything to the horrible symptoms these people had.  We went to the grocery story, got some food and showed them how to cook it.  I cooked the first meal and the wife cooked he second even though she was tired and barley up.  Now what was she doing?  She was adapting to a state of malnutrition, and I’m sure her IINNER FEELING was pretty upset, and her ACTIVITY had to be zilch because she was hardly able to walk across the room, and the kids were in bed.  So the STATE OF BEING was pretty pathetic.  In that case you only had NUTRITION to set the others off. 

Now most of the people I meet has all four of these  (ENVIRONMNET, INNER FEELING, NUTRITION and ACTIVITY) far from optimum.  Now the STATE OF BEING is going to be adapting to that until the adaptation won’t work anymore and when you cease to adapt you die.  Now in the meantime you could probably have a jillion symptoms.

The usual way of approaching a symptom is to use it to make a diagnosis.  A diagnosis is a state of two people not knowing.  “Di” means “two,” and “agno” means “I don’t know” and “osis” means “condition of.”  So diagnosis is a condition of two not knowing.  The patient didn’t know and he went and told the doctor about it, the doctor took the symptoms and put it into a fancy technical language, and played it back, so the person goes in and says, “Oh my joints are stiff and tender and every time I move them they hurt, and after an appropriate few hundred dollar  

examination, you’re told you have arthritis.  Well, “arthro” means joint and “itis” means inflamed, and that’s the same as when the patient came in and said my joints hurt.  Okay?

Now the greatest obstruction to getting well is a diagnosis.  And the second greatest obstruction to getting well and feeling fine is an unhappy domestic situation or work situation.  Ever had an unhappy domestic situation?   How’d you feel?  Not too good.  Now I’ve had a lot of people in that situation.  A woman came into the office saying she was sick and miserable and then finally her husband died.  It was surprising how quick she got well and out on the street looking for a boyfriend.  And I have seen the same thing reversed.  My dad was confined to wheelchair and couldn’t get up, and then my mother died, and he was out running around in a week.  

Now both of them were nice lovely people but they didn’t particularly like each other.  Did you ever notice when somebody doesn’t like somebody else they can’t do a darn thing right?  They’re always gritched at.  

So when you have a diagnosis suddenly the symptom in not a normal adaptation to a stressful situation, it now is a “disease” and there’s no such word in the medical dictionary as disease.  There is dis-ease – not at ease – but them when you are not-at-ease you are adapting, as soon as you name it a disease, you got problems then.  Something fell out of the ceiling and bit you.  And now it has to be cured.  And know of only two things that can be cured, a country ham can be cured and a side of bacon can be cured.  

When you talk about cure there isn’t any.  Period.  You may get well, but what’s generally done is when you get these (ENVIRONMENT, INNER FEELING, NUTRITION and ACTIVITY) all far from optimum your state of being is in a state of adaptation where much of the body is being used to adapt and there’s nothing left for the everyday work and living, so then some medication is poured on you to see if that will stop the adaptation.  That’s what it does, it slows the adaptation down.  You take aspirin you don’t adapt for a while, you take morphine you don’t adapt for a while, then your body gets to where it has to adapt to the medication that was poured in and now you’ve got more troubles than you had before.  

If you went to the doctor and he said you were adapting to some of these being far from optimum (ENVIRONMENT, INNER FEELING, NUTRITION and ACTIVITY) so let’s figure out how many and how far from optimum they are, then you would have to change your lifestyle.  But let’s say you keep on the same lifestyle and you go take some medication, and it stops the adaptation for a little while, you’re going to feel better for a little bit but then you’re going to have to adapt to the leftover mess that was in there plus the medication.  

So without a change in lifestyle you’re not going to get along very well.  Now of course that’s the most unpopular thing you say to people.  When you say you’re going to need to change your lifestyle they immediately bow their back.  Because I want you to give me a pill that will make me well.  I want you to give me a shot that will make me well, I don’t want to be bothered by having to be responsible for my own state of well being. 

But do you know anyone else who is responsible for your state of well being?  I can’t eat for you.  I can cook a beautiful meal and put it down in front of you but if you don’t eat you’ll starve.  I can’t eat for you, I can’t drink a glass of water for you, I can’t take exercise for you, I can’t walk for you, I can’t have your inner feeling for you.  

I can’t have an environment for anybody but me.  So obviously when a person wants to be well they consider their lifestyle.  And that is essential.  Now we run in to all kind of people that environment might be great – they live in a beautiful house, they have fine automobiles to drive around and they go on nice vacations.  You know any of those?  And I have also know those people to have their inner feeling in a royal mess and to have their nutrition in a royal mess and they don’t walk any further than they have to.  You know some people who pride themselves on being able to park their car right up near the front door they’re going in?  

When these (INNER FEELING, ENVIRONMENT, NUTRITION and ACTIVITY) are far away from optimal  that sets up an adaptation.  Then the adaptation sets up a vicious cycle.

The Vicious Cycle

Misconception.  We have a total misconception about well-being.  As long we’re not hurting we think we’re doing fine.  Until an adaptation kicks in we’re doing fine.  

Then we have the misconception that I’ve been attacked by Disease.  I now have a diagnosis.  I have cancer, I have measles, I have chicken pox, I have flu or you name it.  But you have a misconception.

A misconception will lead to a false feeling on emergency.  Now I think everyone knows about a false feeling of emergency.  That’s when you’re worried or anxious, or upset but there’s nothing after you at the moment except this disease with doesn’t exist.  So here comes along the false feeling of emergency.  

Now there’s such a thing as a true emergency:  a tiger leaps at you and you run up a tree or something and if you don’t succeed you don’t have to worry about it very long.  If you see a big vehicle coming your way you either get out of the way or get smashed.  One two it’s over with very quick.

But the false feeling of emergency goes on month after month, year after year, it goes on… I have an unhappy place to work, so the misconception is that those other people are responsible for my inner feeling.  Look, I can choose my inner feeling anywhere.  We wrote a little book called, “Who is in Charge of your Inner Feeling?”  

Well most people come in and tell me who made them mad, who upset them. Ever have anybody make you mad? Anyone comes down the road and tells me I’m the craziest SOB I say, “Yes I pride myself on being the craziest SOB in the world.”  Somebody says you’re mean, I say “Yep, I’m a high-grade mean.”  So what?  There’s no reason to defend myself against someone else’s opinion.  I have nothing to defend.  I feel pretty alright with me,  like myself okay, so if you don’t like me, in my opinion you have poor taste and who’s concerned with people with poor taste?  

So, when I have a false feeling of emergency the body mobilizes energy to fight or run.  We can even feel it if we pay attention.  There’s two things to do in an emergency, you can fight or run.  Now I have mobilized a tremendous energy to fight or run but being domesticated we are taught not to kill them, and it’s not nice to call them dirty words, so we just hold it in, so it’s mobilized and unreleased energy.  That puts you in a real state of stress.  That is not a state for the human being to be in.  So that requires adaptation to burn up this mobilized and unreleased energy.  Did you ever get upset an do nothing about it, only fret within? Domesticated animals do that.  Wild ones don’t do that.   

When you domesticate something you set up conflict.  It wants to do its instinctive bit but it’s also domesticated to do this other bit.  

When an adaptation begins, first there’s unusual cellular activity.  In other words, life is using some group of cells to do something they don’t usually do to burn up this mobilized and unreleased energy.  Now its according to our particular make-up as to where in the body the adaptation happens.  But you have unusual cellular activity and that always produces unusual sensation.  Always because when the cells are doing what they’re supposed to we don’t even know they’re there.  

The unusual sensation comes along and there’s a big misconception about unusual sensation, everything we’ve been taught is that it’s something terrible, we should take a remedy right quick, we should run to the doctor, which then gets us more false feeling of emergency which creates more mobilized and unreleased energy…  if you keep that up long enough you go from a functional disorder to a pathological one.  The pathological one is tissue cell alteration, or breakdown.  Either the cell begins to do something it doesn’t normally do or it breaks down.  

If you went out and did hard manual labor, what would happen to your hands?  They would get calluses.  Now a callus is a new growth, but you know about that.  If you go sit in the sun what happens to your skin?  It adapts to the new circumstance, but you know that.  But you don’t know about some of these other things.  

So if you get a little group of cells that begins to multiply more rapidly than usual and grow a little larger, and you noticed it what would you do about it?  You’d run to the doctor and they’d take a little piece and tell you had cancer because the cell was larger than usual and multiplying more rapidly.  But it’s only doing it to burn up this mobilized unreleased energy.  

Now if you go around the cycle enough you begin with purely a functional disorder and then it turns into these others.  I’ve known people who have had functional disorders for twelve years.  Finally they got enough stress built up for some of the tissue cells to break down, or later a bit, so they said I knew there was something wrong with me they whole time but they just finally found it out! 

Some people who are a little are not so afraid of disapproval adapt by having unusual behavior.  They go through a binge, anywhere from getting slightly drunk to wildly drunk to going out and killing a bunch of people.  We had one here in Sunnydale one day, he got rejected and didn’t feel good about getting rejected so he got his gun and went over and killed seven people and injured a few more.  Now, he didn’t get sick.  He released his mobilized energy with unusual behavior.  

Now real good people hold it in, get the adaptation and tissue cell alteration and they get very ill, they get diagnoses, everybody feels sorry for them, sends them get well cards and flowers, gives them a lot of good attention, forgives all their misdeeds, so if you want to be treated nice you adapt that way.  

Now most people won’t adapt with unusual behavior because they’ve been domesticated to be good.  Our parents all taught us to be good, not because they were interested in us being good but because that wouldn’t embarrass them.  The main thing they were looking at is that we didn’t embarrass them.  You didn’t come home at age fifteen, pregnant, and embarrass the family.  So everybody’s been taught to be good. 

But some people just refuse to be domesticated.  My dad raised saddle horses when I was a kid and we raised 15 or 16 colts every year.  Every year there was at least one of those horses you just couldn’t train.  You couldn’t domesticate it.  It said: I’m not going to be some man’s toy riding around on my back.  

People are much the same way there are some that don’t submit to being domesticated.  They don’t get symptoms. 

But most people who have mobilized unreleased energy get symptoms.  And the more symptoms you have you can take all kids of remedies, and get more and more sick because the more of them you put in you the more you’re going to be toxic the more you’re inner feeling is messed up, the more nutrition is off.  So the state of being goes down-hill and we say the poor soul just died of cancer, they died of this, they died of that, whatever the case may be. 

But if you start talking to them about changing their lifestyle they get a little upset.  

Now I like to play another little trick.  I do something that some people call healing.  I will see that they quit being sick today.  But if they don’t change their lifestyle it lasts about as long as a frost in Hades.  They’re going to get themselves sick again.  

We tell them, now you are going to have to change this, this and this if you want to stay well.  But they don’t, they go right on.  As one of my professors in school said, nobody wants to change their lifestyle, they want to feel better now so they can go on and keep doing the things that made them sick in the first place.  And I have to agree to that after umpteen years of seeing people.  

So if you want to be well, or if you want to work with people who want to be well, try to give them a little direction on how things work.  How the human body works is the greatest mystery to the owners of them there is.  You were never trained on how it worked, there is somebody else who is supposed to make it well.  They say you were attacked by disease, you are the victim of…  whatever the name someone wanted to lay on it. 

No one is a victim of it.  They themselves managed quite well to get it going and every effort is made to keep it. 

It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is: change your lifestyle and quit making yourself full of misery all the time.  Then you’re not mobilizing all that unreleased energy, but using it all the time. You won’t need unusual cellular activity, you won’t have a bunch of unusual sensations, and you won’t have tissue cell alteration or break down.  

Now you will run into some nice little microorganisms and the body immediately goes to work to neutralize them. Throw them out, kill them, whatever the case may be.  And you will have a few symptoms, but if you know what’s going on you lay down and let it work.  I used to tell kids who came in the office that when something didn’t feel good there was a bunch of little guys in there working to get rid of it.  I told them to go lay down, get out of the way, don’t eat anything because if you do they’re going to throw it out of here, if you put something in there that don’t fit I’m going to throw it out, that these little men were working. 

While gradually, kids being kids and not grown folks, they began to see that a little.  So if they didn’t feel good they’d know the little men are working and they go lay down for a little while.  And they felt all right pretty quick because the little men were working, making noise, hammering, scraping out sewers, and after a few hours the kid was all right.  

So obviously we’ve all run into micro-organisms.  They’re in the environment.  Now when I was a kid back in the hills of Kentucky, somebody used the term “lowered resistance.”  Everyone who got into a chronic illness, a bug or virus they didn’t get over, they all had lowered resistance.  

If you have lowered resistance you’re not radiating a good environment, your INNER FEELING is a little shook up, anxious and worried, your ACTIVITY is less than optimal, and your NUTRITION is way off.  Try eating at McDonalds every day, eating hot dogs, French fries, going to 7-11 and getting a big drink of soda.  Your resistance is going to get down.  If you’re dissipating all the time your resistance is going to get down. 

If your resistance is down your immunity is down.  You’re going to get an adaptation, and the nice things about an adaptation is your body produces a hormone called DOCA.  If you get DOCA you need to lay down.  If someone gave any one of us a little tiny shot of DOCA we couldn’t lay down enough.  Even when you lay down you feel like you can lay down enough.  

Thank goodness it knocks us down to give it time to go through.  But then again, we start loading in toxic substances, called remedies or treatments and that can do you in, because you’re already down.  So if someone gets a something someone diagnosis as cancer which is unusual cellular activity, unusual tissue cell alteration and breakdown, and then they give them some powerful stuff that would kill any one of us, and then radiate you, that’ll kill you, and usually you can get rid of these people in three or four months.  

I’ve had two friends the past year, one was a dentist and the other was running a business, and both of them were feeling find to begin with, but they went and got an examination.  And somebody found something they could call a diagnosis, and in two or three months, both of them died.  The dentist was dead in two months and the business man was dead in two months.  They couldn’t stand the treatment.  No way could they tolerate it.  Now people who have been taking drugs all their lives can usually tolerate it a little bit longer than the ones who never been.  These guys were disgustingly healthy all of their lives, but they got themselves run down.

The business man was working at work he was not used to doing and resenting every minute of it.  The dentist was fussing with a partner he had, really carrying on about it because the partner wasn’t doing what he thought he ought to do, and so forth.  

Now, had they changed their lifestyle, both of them would still be around.  But they got a diagnosis, that’s scared them to death.  That sets up a false feeling of emergency and then to add insult they poured a bunch of chemicals in that the human body doesn’t tolerate very well.  In fact, not at all.  

There’s a lot of things we have no control over, but I can choose my response to it.  I have no control over what the weather is going to be today, but I can chose my response to it.  I have no control over whether they got the highway blocked up to make me take a detour, but I can choose my response to it.  Not long ago I was in a traffic jam in LA and I looked at the cars on one side and the other and guys were beating the steering wheels and yelling… Well I decided I was going to be sitting one place or another and I didn’t decide to get all upset.  

So you don’t have charge of everything in the environment, but you can choose your response to it.  

I don’t have any choice of whether I will run into a bunch of flu bugs or not, but I can chose my response.  

I can do like the little kids I talked to and lie down while the little men work to get me well, or I can get upset, run to the doctor to get some kind of something that wouldn’t do the flu any good, they sometimes give antibiotics and antibiotics have absolutely no effect on a virus, and most of the bugs now have all build an immunity because they multiply so rapidly, some of them just love that penicillin.  We have all kinds of things now they say are antibiotic resistant nothing works because the bugs adapted to.  They’re living things and any living thing is going to adapt, whether it’s a plant, a human or a microorganism. 

Now I can choose my response.  I also said my environment is pretty much that which I radiate.  So I try to go around radiating having a good time.  People come in the office and say, “This feels nice here.”  Well the office is just an ordinary commercial office but there is a good mood in there at all times. 

When I run a business I tell everybody who works there you have one responsibility here besides whatever your main job is, and that is to keep a good mood up.  Now if you have a good mood, people like to come there.  

Several years ago I was in the business of running restaurants.  We put everyone on notice that they had to maintain a good mood and contribute to a good mood.  We never put up a sign, we never ran an ad, our biggest restaurant was about 35 miles in the county from the nearest town, off a side road, into a horse lot on top of a hill.  

We had a big restaurant with no signs on it, no signs on the highway, no announcements that it was ever open, and still we had over 1,000 dinners a night.  Everybody said they just loved to come there.  Well the food good, but so are a lot of other places.  But nobody had the mood we did.  Because every one of 65 people who worked there were working to keep up a good mood.  

We had a little rule, if you come to work and your mood is down, you go out back and put it in the trash container and bring in a good mood.  If you can get your mood up, then go home.  We’ll get along without you.  I was capable of filling any position, waiter, cook, dishwasher.  It didn’t’ matter what.  If your mood was down go home, when your mood is good, come back.  

Without a good mood in a place, everything goes to hell.  So you can maintain a good mood.    Nobody’s in charge of my mood except me.  I can control that or I can let everybody else control it.  We couldn’t have that in the business.  

One time out at that restaurant some guy bit into a screw in his salad.  Some screw fell off the machine that chopped up the coleslaw somewhere and he bit it.  He called the waitress over and yelled and offered he was going to sue the place.  The waitress said, “Oh no now sir, don’t go tell everyone that the coleslaw comes with a free screw or we’d never be able to take care of the crowd.”  The man laughed and forgot all about it.  That was the end of it.  Had somebody tried to defend or pulled the mood down we could have had a lawsuit on our hands.  But when everybody’s got a good mood things run pretty good.  

So we can feel pretty good, but we’re all going to adapt sometimes.  We’re going to run into some microorganisms, or run into a sudden change of temperature, or get caught out in the sun and get a burn, you might do some work and get some blisters before it builds a callus, but keep it up and you’ll build a callus.  So you’re going to have a little discomfort every now and then.  This planet is a pretty miserable place to be if you want to be non-disturbed your whole life.  But you’re here to learn to understand how things work, so yeah, you’ll have a little disturbance and feel rough half a day, or a few days, do what?

That’s a little better than killing myself with misconceptions and misinformation.  I think we’re all very lacking in information about how the human operates and we have a lot of misinformation about it.  So misconception comes from having lack of information or having misinformation and we have gobs of both.