Moving Between Levels of Consciousness: A Tool for Magicians and Writers


The Tone Scale, adapted from the teachings of Rhondell
The Tone Scale, adapted from the teachings of Rhondell

In order to create characters and tell their story, you have got to know where they are on THE TONE SCALE at every moment they exist.

Likewise, in order to accomplish certain things in life, you have got to be above a certain level of consciousness (for a few moments at least) – you have to know where you are on THE TONE SCALE.

Every good story has immediately identifiable archetypes. The archetype conveys the character’s current role in life and what they are capable of accomplishing.

A character description can also convey an archetype. Similarly, acting a certain way can induce the corresponding level of consciousness. We can identify the levels of consciousness and their corresponding behaviors using The Tone Scale. Here’s one version from Dr. Robert Gibson.

1 – Apathy

Attitude – “What’s the use, It’ll all turn out bad anyway.”

Appearance – Slumped head and mouth. Skin hangs from flesh.

2 – Fear

Attitude – Anxious about the future. Talks of the past with regret. Criticizes the motives of others.

Appearance – Doesn’t look directly at anyone, always hurries. Stooped, head down, overweight.

3 – Resentment

Attitude – Gossips. Says, “I can’t.” Doesn’t accept as true anything positive.

Appearance – Fast, spastic conditions. Underweight. Tense. Mouth set.

4 – Anger

Attitude – Antagonistic and fault-finding. Tries to control with threats. Believes all alarming statements.

Appearance – Shoulders set, squints, keeps teeth clinched. Neck rigid. Fast loud speech, Has pot belly.

5 – Boredom

Attitude- – Sloppy, lazy. Doesn’t want job with responsibility. Grumpy most of the time. Yawns frequently.

Appearance – Always tired. Posture sloppy, leans on things

6 – Contentment

Attitude – Likes people that like him. Talks on personal interests. Inclined to let well enough alone.

Appearance – Neat, calm, usually clearheaded, kind. Lacks muscle tone. Tires easily.

7- Interest

Attitude – Likes people, new ideas, humor, creative work. Sees reason in behavior of all people.

Appearance – Attentive posture, pleasant. Firm body tone. Few signs of aging.

8 – Exhilaration

Attitude – Loves mankind. Sees relationships between everything. Creative, gentle and spontaneous.

Appearance – Balanced, smiles. Great endurance. Excellent general body tone. No signs of aging.